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Ask the Animals, and They Will Teach You


Ask the Animals, and They Will Teach You

While waiting for the real chameleon, I made an illustration to satisfy the impatient for a while.

For Beaufort 21, Deller places his a giant chameleon attraction, in Knokke-Heist. As a sculpture and slide for children, this work formulates an alternative to the tradition of monuments that are usually very serious, often refer to historical events and sometimes even radiate pure heroism. Instead, Deller pays homage to one of the oldest creatures on earth, the chameleon. Some chameleon fossils show that chameleons have lived on Earth for some 60 million years. "There is something magical about chameleons," says Deller, "they can do things we can only dream of and are the most beautiful creatures on earth. We should worship them."

The chameleon is slowly disappearing around the world, probably due to climate change, although this is not the main theme in Deller's work. His focus is on inviting children to use the slide and slide down the long tongue,* contradicting the idea that art in public spaces can only fulfil a decorative or commemorative function.